Hastings win Indoor Pennant Final

The Indoor Pennant team did the Club proud with a narrow win in the Final downing City of Frankston, 31 shots to 28. A great team and season performance. The team of Cynthia Gribbin, Faye Long, Bev Treloar and Phil Smith have made the grand final of the Indoor Bowls Pennants. The game will be played at Dromana Bowls Club this Tuesday at 10.30. We wish them all the best and congratulations on a fine season.

Greens Testing Update

“Dales and Berry have responded in writing to the Club following their visit on June 21st. They have acknowledged that the conditions on the day were not the best for what the Club wanted to demonstrate. They indicated, that the only way forward at present is to carry out more testing on the greens as the temperature increases, probably in two month’s time. They have checked their production records and have found there is nothing showing up differently to the surfaces supplied to other clubs. All further testing will be done using a set of Henselite Dreamline XG 4HW bowls to maintain consistency during testing. They assure us they take our concerns seriously and look forward to our

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