Corporate Challenge completed for 2017

Congratulations to you all for a very successful series.and the winners Nelson's Tankers and list of all final positions. We've spared the blushes of Baywest, but the photo is available to any interested party! See you next year and tell all your fellow entrepreneurs what a great time you had. We at H.B.C. thought you were a great bunch. 1. Nelson's Tankers. 2. Smith's Supershots (Etiquette penalty!) 3. Wednesday Wonders. 4. Creative Image. 5. BTRE- The Unbeatables? 6. Trent's Diggers. 7. Repco Rollers - Minor Champions. 8. Bendigo Bank "A". 9. Bendigo Bank "B". 10. Baywest City Rollers - Last, but by no means least! Onya Jayde, Kylie and Sean! Thanks again to all who helped run the show.

Super Vet's recognised

L to H : Locky (Brian Loughnan) Rocky (Ron Morrow), Rick Nathan and Terry Fraser, all part of team OBE from the Australia day tournament with Judith Thorpe from Bowls Victoria who presented their OBE's - Over Bloody Eighty badges to them.

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