Battery Pack added to Club's Solar System

Last week saw the addition of a battery pack to the Club's Solar System. This will provide both power when the sun isn't shinning and power overnight to run the clubs infrastructure. Thanks go to the BOM for their insight and to the Federal Governments Community Grants program for the initiative. In the last 18 months, the Club's 68 solar panels have generated 27 Mega watts of power saving the club on their cost of electricity. The battery pack will further improve the savings

Dog Day Afternoon at Sandown Park

43 Club members and friends caught the bus to Sandown for an afternoon at the dog races. It was a really great fun day with the feedback "when is the next one". Plenty of winners and plenty of losers, but it was a relaxing day and well worth the effort. Well done to Stacey and Barry Burt being the winners of the raffle. Special thanks to Wendy Harris for organising the event.

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