Greens Inspection by Berry Bowls Systems & Dales U.K.

On Tuesday 21st of June, the Clubs President and Treasurer and three of our Division 1 bowlers met with Richard Steadman (CEO of Dales) and Alan and Steve Berry of Berry Bowls Systems at the Club to discuss the new surfaces, their anomalies and inconsistencies in performance.

The meeting lasting 3 hours, with more than half the time spent putting bowls down on each green, either by hand or via a ramp Berry's supplied for the testing. The Top green displayed several visible inconsistencies and the Bottom green to a lesser extent.

The weather was cold with a light wind prevailing, Richard Steadman commenting that the weather probably contributed to the tests not being able to show dramatic changes in the green's performance.

Whilst they were somewhat skeptical of our concerns, they have asked for a further 3 weeks of investigations to try and identify what is causing the problems and to come back to the Club with a proposed action.

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