Hastings Add Division 5 flag to the trophy cabinet.

The Division 5 side had a great win in their grand Final at Karingal yesterday defeating Mornington 84 shots to 65. While Hastings lead all day, Mornington came out strongly after the break to put a scare into the players and spectators when they closed within 10 with a few ends to play,

However all rinks regained their composure and closed out the game in style winning by 19 shots.

Playing on grass and the pressure of the final were well managed by all, with standout games measured by the calling out of player names by spectators for top shots. Gina Findlay, Faye Long and Helen Couchman, were notable names, while the boys names were not as prevalent they clearly performed well.

With all rinks up, the team that finished on top of the home and away, did the job in their two finals appearances. A Super effort, supported by the best spectators on the Peninsula.

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