HBC Bowls games to start from Saturday 31/10

Hi everyone,  we are able to get back on the green at long last.  Some of us have had a roll up during the week,  but now the restrictions have eased we are able to have a game with the same restrictions as we had before.   

Primarily we must be Covid safe.

These are the new restrictions:-

We are able to seat 20 people indoors

We are able to host up to 50 people outside.

We must maintain social distancing of 1.5mt.

We must sanitize our hands when we arrive at the club and disinfect any equipment we may be sharing.

We have taken steps to provide all the necessary hand washing, and sanitizing products etc.   

We do not have to wear a mask while bowling, eating or drinking.   But it's recommended that when moving throughout the club to put a mask on.  If you feel vulnerable please wear a mask. 

If you feel unwell do not attend the club.

Now some more good news.

The match committee have decided to put a PAIRS game on commencing Saturday 31st October @ 1pm It will be one game of 15 ends.  $5 per entry  With some prizes. 

Alan has made up some sheets which are at the club outside so you can put your names/team down.

We will be able to bowl again on Monday and Thursday ($7 incl prizes!)  with limited numbers in line with the restrictions.

There will be sheets at the club to put your name/team on outside at this stage (until there are less restrictions.-  8th Nov.)

There is no need to book for a roll up. Please make sure you enter your name, time of arrival and departure on the form provided, sanitize and enjoy your game.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask.   

Helen Couchman President HBC.

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