Monday 4th of October Rollups can take place.

Dear Members, We have at last had some clarification from Bowls Victoria as to what we can do with practice.

We can have 5 bowlers plus a coach on each alternate rink ie. every second rink, if fully vaccinated or 2 bowlers plus coach if unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated,however they can still only be from 2 households.

We will not have a booking system at this stage but we will require proof of vaccination

status. it is highly likely that we will have to record this on your Bowlslink record. For these reasons we are asking people to supply proof i.e. vaccination certificate by replying to this email.

You will still be required to sign in either manually or with QR codes. We understand that some people may think this is a breach of privacy and for that we apologise, however we do not make the rules, but we are obliged to enforce them.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Enjoy this small extra bit of freedom, come down and have a roll and we shall see you at the club.



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