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BV rules for Attire

Attire. It is the responsibility of the President of the player’s Club to ensure a player is attired in accordance with the BV Rules for Attire when playing in a Region Pennant and other Competitions or a representative Team.

All attire must comply with Bowls Australia National Merchandise Program (NMP) Logo Policy For Pennant, bowlers must be attired in the same club, upper body attire in respect to image and colour

All lower body attire must include NMP logo immediately above the back right pocket or front right below pocket.

If BV registered shirts/tops are worn, all members of the side must be in the same attire (Except for a combined side.) and it is at the discretion of the club President for players to be attired in the same upper and lower body attire in respect to style, image and colour to complement the registered shirts/tops.

If a combined side is approved, the players are permitted to wear their respective club uniform and cap.

If bowls discs are used all members of the combined side must use discs that are of the same colour/design.

The NMP Logo must appear on the front or side of all headwear, except on hats with a hat band, where a logo is not required.

If a Club fails to comply with the BV Regulations for Attire for a Pennant match or State Event and a formal complaint is made by the opposing Club or opposition player(s) to the MPBR Region Controlling Body for the Competition in question the Region will then take action under Rule 1.3.1 relevant to the misdemeanour.

It is the responsibility of member clubs to advise the MPBR and BV of any changes made to its registered club attire as, and when, it occurs.

For full details of the BA National Merchandise program open the PDF

document on this page.




This typed text is an extract from the 2021/22 MPBR Rules of Competition. Rev 5.

Slippery Solutions

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These Images link to various scenarios that occur during a games of bowls. Click on the images to learn about some of the common misunderstandings players have about the rules and also some of the more obscure  laws of the game. Enjoy.  

To Stop or Lift

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