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Membership Information

As mentioned previously on the website, the Hastings Lawn Bowls Club is a friendly and inclusive club, with a strong member focus. Our Indoor and Outdoor social bowls is played in a friendly manner and our competitive bowls is played to win, but in happy and fair spirit.

So if you are keen to play at what ever level and like friendly social interaction, come Join Us.

To apply for Membership, please open and print the pdf form below and return it to the club having a nominee and seconder sign it. 

It is a requirement that the form be displayed for a minimum of 7 days on the Club notice board before it can be presented to the Board of Management at their monthly meeting for acceptance.

[Please Note: a $20 (refundable) application fee applies and it would be appreciated if this could be returned with the form.]

For more information, please ring our membership Director - Ann Sullivan 0448 023 287

Life Members
Gerry O'Brien
Peter Rogan
Bob Sheriff
Harold Smith
Membership Fees - Due March 31st each year.

Our Annual fees are set at this time as : (2023-2024)

$175 for Full Membership- affiliated with Bowls Victoria. (Pro-rata if you join after the start of the financial year) Can Play Pennant Competitions

$75  Dual Membership -for members who are members of more than one club.

$30. Junior membership Includes affiliation with Bowls Victoria

$30 for Social members,


* Social Plus Member is a playing member who can only play social level games and only at HASTINGS BOWLING CLUB.

Social Plus Members are not entitled to play in uniform, in Club Championship events or in open competition or in competitions at other clubs.

Social Plus Members are not entitled to vote at Club Annual General Meetings.

Club Merchandise

Club hats $23, Club Shirts $75, Club locker for members $6.


Mornington Peninsula Bowls Region

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