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Mission Statement

 Our mission is to provide excellent lawn bowling and club facilities for the benefit of all members and our guests.


To operate in a friendly, professional, positive and dedicated manner, thereby creating an atmosphere of harmony, transparency and belonging.


To promote our club to a level that substantially increases our membership yet maintains the personal service that our members expect and deserve.


We will achieve this by: -


  • having respect and appreciation of office bearers, committees, volunteer workers and our fellow club members;


  • commitment to our training and game preparation in a manner befitting our club and our team-mates, and by being humble in victory and gracious in defeat;


  • providing a harmonious social environment at our club for members, their families, visitors and guests;

  • involving our club in the community by making our facilities available to schools, indigenous groups, the handicapped, businesses and other organizations /institutions, and;


  •         by prudent financial management and sound forward planning.

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