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Laws of the Sport of Bowls - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)                     Select a number to display the answer.
  • Can I have just one sticker on my bowls for pennant play?
    Answer: No you must have 2 stickers, one layer on either side, and not covering the bowls serial number. All bowls belonging to players within the team must have stickers on them of the same design and colour
  • Where can I stand during an end?
    Answer: If you or your team are in possession of the rink and at the head end, you must stand behind the jack. If not in possession of the rink, stand behind the jack and away from the head. No distance is stipulated, but a distance so as not to interfere with the play. Players at the mat end of the rink and who are not delivering a bowl, must stand at least 1 metre behind the mat.
  • Can players proceed down the rink while a bowl is still in course?
    Answer: The player delivering the bowl is in possession of the rink and has the right to observe the progress their bowl without being obstructed by other players moving down the rink in front of them. If an umpire observes or is advised by one of the skips that a breach has occured, the player/s can be warned they are interfering, annoying or distraction the player in possesion. Further breaches can have the players in breach, bowls declared dead.
  • When an Umpire or Measurer is measuring a shot, where can the players stand?"
    Players should stand away from the head and well clear of the measure. Stand on the bank if the measure relates to the jack being in the ditch. The umpires decision is final and they can ask players to move away from the measure.
  • The end has commenced and it it observed that the mat is not on the centre line. What should happen?
    Anytime it is found that the mat is off the centre line, it must be repositioned to the centre line.
  • The Jack has not been centred to the correct line and a bowl has been delivered. What should happen?
    Nothing. Once a bowl has been delivered on that end no one has the right to challenge its position and the Jack will remain off its correct line until the completion of the end.
  • What constitutes a foot fault?
    Before delivery, a player must have all or part of at least one foot on the mat. At the time of delivery, the player must have all or part of one foot on or above the mat Any player not meeting the terms of this law is committing a foot fault. In the first instance a player can be warned. Further foot faults will result in their bowl being stopped and declared dead.
  • If a bowl on its original course, comes to rest less than 14 metres from the mat, what should happen?"
    The bowl is declared dead and must be removed from the rink of play as soon as it is declared dead. While in social bowls, a bowl might be returned to the player to replay the bowl, there is no law that states this is an available option under the laws of the game if the player has gone through their normal delivery. However, If a bowl is accidentally slips from a players hand or artificial arm, during the delivery, the player can pick up the bowl and start the delivery again.
  • What should happen when a bowl in course from one rink (a) is likely to interfere with a bowl or jack on an ajoining rink (b)?
    Answer: The bowl in course from rink (a) should be stopped before any interferance occurs to play on the ajoining rink (b). If it is deemed the bowl would have finished in play on its own rink (a) the stopped bowl can be replayed. If it is deemed the stopped bowl would not have finished in play on its own rink (a), the bowl would be declared dead and removed to the bank.
  • What should happen if both leads incorrectly deliver the jack on an end?
    The jack is not delivered again, it is centred on the 2 metre mark (the "T") and the mat is placed by the first player on the centre line and between 2 and 25 metres from the front ditch.
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