About our new top green - to all bowlers. (18 May 2019)
The surface of the new green has been constructed with compacted crush rock base and then with a layer of crushed reclaimed glass.
The surface was then sprayed with a two-pack resin to bind it all together. That constructs a very hard surface that you could drive a truck on.
 HOWEVER, you can drive a truck on ice but if you hit ice with a hammer it will chip or shatter. The same will happen to our green if bowlers dump, punch a bowl into the surface or drop bowls from the bank.
Dumping, punching or dropping bowls will not be tolerated.
Inexperienced bowlers attempting to drive is strongly discouraged until coached in the correct delivery when driving.
Get some lessons from a coach to correct the above or use a bowler’s arm.
The bottom green.
The same goes for the bottom green, but it has been constructed with a thin layer of sand under the underlay. Dumping, punching and dropping bowls on the carpet leaves impressions in the sand also. That is one of the reasons for variations in the true line to the target.
With BOTH GREENS, the underfelt will deteriorate over time, so please try and achieve a smooth delivery with your bowls.
Please, these are your greens, I ask all members to say something if a member or visitor who delivers incorrectly or is seen dropping bowls from the bank.
Kind Regards,
Barry Burt, Greens Director.
PS   The new green could take up to 6-9 months to settle and perform at the desired speed of 15-15.5 sec.
WiFi at the Club

The Clubs WiFi has the facility for a Guest Network.

When at the Club you can now login to the Clubs network on your mobile device via the Guest network as follows:


Network ID is:  HASTINGS-BC (in network choices)

Password: MembersLogin (note the uppercase characters)

Note: If your device is setup to "Join Networks" you should only have to logon manually the first time as it should remember your earlier visit.

Any problems please contact Allen Robins.